All I want for Christmas…..

Dear Dr Jobs

As you may know I have a very important job this time of year, busying myself reading the many letters from all the boys and girls all over the world, sorting out presents, not to mention visiting every household and squeezing down those chimneys in the early hours of the morning on Christmas day. I certainly have my work cut out for me.

A very worried Santa can't afford to pay his bills!

However, in recent years, with the state of the economy, I’m worried about putting coal on my fire in my cottage in the North Pole and I’m concerned  that this year the money I make from tending to all the reindeer isn’t going to see me through to the new year! I was thinking about taking on some seasonal work to supplement my income over the Christmas period but have no idea where to start looking. All I want for Christmas is a job! Help me Dr Jobs and you’ll be high on my present list!

Santa, The North Pole

Dear Santa

It’s that time of year when EVERYONE is busy. There are presents to buy, people to see and fun to be had. It’s no wonder you’re concerned that the extra expense is going to burn a hole in your wallet. Remember that at this time of year, you’re not the only person who is busy.

There are easier ways to find seasonal work

 A large number of companies will be taking on extra staff to help them through this busy period. Department store Debenhams explains they alone are on the look out for 6,500 seasonal temps and that about a quarter of the staff they take on during this period will stay with them in permanent roles.  

Why not take a walk down your local high street and see who is advertising for seasonal staff. There is also the possibility of working for various attractions that might appear around the Christmas period and don’t forget that the leisure industry picks up during the Christmas period so you might also want to pop into bars or restaurants to find out if they are taking on any extra staff.

Look in various newspapers and search on social media for Christmas vacancies. If you’re unsure how to use social media in order to facilitate your job search, take a look here!

All Santa wants for Christmas.....

Last but not least, job boards are a great way to search for Christmas work. Boards such as advertise various roles on behalf of different companies. Simply use the search box to type “Christmas Vacancies” and all the seasonal work available will be shown. You can also upload your CV to other job boards and let the recruiters and companies who are looking come to you.

Happy job hunting and Merry Christmas! is an online job board hosting third party vacancies.

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