How do I use Social Media to help me find a job?

Dear Dr Jobs

I’ve recently been made redundant and I’m keen to get back to work as soon as possible. After fourteen years at the same company I haven’t looked for a job in a quite some time. I began my job search in the local newspapers and have registered with various agencies to no avail. A friend of mine suggested I use Twitter to aid me with my job search but I have to admit, I’m completely in the dark when it comes to all these new social sites. Can you offer any advice on how to use sites like Twitter and LInkedIn to help me find my next role?

How to use social media to find a job

Pulling your hair out in frustration? Don't know how to use social media to your advantage? Dr Jobs can help!

Lydia, Birmingham

Dear Lydia

The economic crisis of recent years has meant that the employment market is becoming increasingly tough and as someone who has been comfortable in a role for the past fourteen years it’s no wonder you’re struggling to hear about new jobs when they become available.

Use social media for job hunting

Social Media - A great tool for your job search!

Your friend is right, social media sites can be a very useful tool that you can use to aid your job search in order to hear about new positions and to make yourself stand out as a great candidate for a role.

Look for vacancies or ask around

Companies who have now jumped on the Social Media bandwagon can post their vacancies for FREE on various sites. If you don’t already use it, LinkedIn can be a useful tool when looking for a new job as positions are listed in the vacancies section of the site. It also might be prudent to

Using social media to find jobs

Don't be afraid to ask questions on social media!

start discussions in various groups regarding your job search. Maybe you could ask if anyone knows who’s hiring at the moment or if there are any jobs available in particular areas.

Set up a Twitter profile and try and follow companies that you’d be interested in working for or recruitment companies that deal with the kind of positions you are interested in. This way, whenever they Tweet a relevant position you’ll be the first to know about it.

Alternatively, you can use a hashtag to find positions which is the ‘#’ symbol followed by a word. Try typing #jobs into your search bar and all instances where #jobs appear in a Tweet will be shown. This way you can scan through the tweets and see if anything interesting catches your eye.

Be creative

You can advertise yourself on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Simply post a Tweet to say that you’re looking for a position or market yourself in a relevant group explaining your current situation. Write about the kind of person you are, your experience, your qualifications and what skills you would be able to bring to a new role. Sell yourself!

Social media job hunt

Don't be afraid to sell yourself on social media and be creative!

The more creative you are the better and remember to update your LinkedIn profile to show that you are interested in hearing about current vacancies so potential employers can contact you.


You might also like to think about creating a blog detailing all your expertise within the industry in which you have experience. In the “About Me” section you can explain that you’re currently looking for work. Although you’re not actively searching for a position by taking this route, blogging is a good way to build up a community of followers that could potentially be employees and will help build your credibility in your given industry.

When all else fails….

Remember that  you can always visit where you can search jobs by specialist sector or by job function, or even find jobs that are local to you and apply online.

Happy hunting! is an online job board hosting third party vacancies.

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